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Disha Jolly



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An infusion made with herbs, roots & spices that aid the process of
lymphatic drainage in your body



Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Elderberry, Echinacea, Cilantro, Astragalus, Parsley, Cilantro, Fennel, Mullein, Calendula, Cleavers


Take a teaspoon in a cup and add hot water. Wait 1-2 minutes, strain & enjoy.
Take 1.5 tablespoons, add one-liter hot water, and keep covered overnight.
In the morning, strain, bottle, and refrigerate. This can be enjoyed hot or cold for the next 3-5 days."



Additional Information

Burdock Root is one of those rare herbs that stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Diuretics can help to stimulate the kidneys, allowing urine to be passed more frequently and in greater quantity - this helps to cleanse the kidneys and can prevent water retention.

Dandelion leaves have been traditionally used to support the lymphatic system, kidneys, and bladder. Rich in potassium, the leaves become an effective diuretic to help reduce and remove excess fluid from the body. The dandelion root is a powerful liver cleanser and aids digestion

ELDERBERRY & ECHINACEA is a powerful two-ingredient combination that provides immune, lymph, and respiratory system support

Eating herbs & spices like CILANTRO, PARSLEY & CALENDULA is great for cleansing & rebooting your lymphatic system.

ASTRAGALUS offers the lymph system several cleansing and healing benefits. It can ease congestion and swelling (when used in combination with echinacea), and on its own is a great all-around health booster.

FENNEL can also help reduce unwanted bacteria or fungal activity, can help soothe inflammation, and is often used to help the lymphatic system work properly.

MULLEIN can be used to help lymphatic circulation. It is expectorant and demulcent, which loosens up phlegm or congestion. In this case, it moves lymphatic stagnation

CLEAVERS Cleavers is a gift to the lymphatic system, supporting the movement of lymph fluids and easing congestion of swollen glands. It is an excellent herb to reach for when getting a cold and for elimination support and skin issues of all varieties.

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