What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach. HealthCare is transforming slowly and emphasizes more on defining individual function/dysfunction and less on putting people into outdated disease categories. The focus is more on the dynamic process that leads to the dysfunction.

Functional Medicine is not about symptomatic relief, rather it is about identifying and addressing the root cause of disease by focusing on the whole person. It incorporates genetic science and an understanding of how our environment and lifestyle can influence the occurrence as well as progression of disease. It is preventative in nature and built on the principles of using food as medicine.

It is based on biochemical individuality because it focuses on understanding the individuals physiological, cognitive, emotional and physical function and also on the design and implementation of a therapeutic program especially personalized to the needs of each patient.

Disha’s Functional Medicine

Every human being is genetically and biochemically unique.

All systems in our body are interconnected and function synergistically. They also interact in their own unique way with the outside world, the outcome of which determines what symptoms and diseases might manifest.

After having studied the body as a whole extensively, my approach to working in functional medicine is to get to the bottom of the root cause of disease instead of just providing symptomatic relief.

My treatment protocol addresses:

Gut Dysbiosis

Drainage of the Lymphatic and Glymphatic System

Vigus Nerve Stimulation

Heart Rate Variability

To take charge of your own health, I invite you to take a step into a new world – Disha’s Functional World, where natural remedies are at the forefront and healthcare is personalized rather than generalized.